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This section provides an overview of SeaPort™ for Government users, and the business rules and assumptions used in its development.

We designed SeaPort™ to intuitively organize all the information required to initiate, process, and award a task order. SeaPort™ technical architecture is as follows:

  • Overview - The Buy and Sell operational area each has their own overview section addressing unique needs of Government and Contractor users of the SeaPort™ system.
  • Planning - This section provides specific pre-award planning guidance to facilitate your procurement of professional support services. You have a myriad of innovative opportunities to streamline your procurement to assure you best value for your money.
  • Procedures - This section discusses the award and administration of task orders against the MAC Contracts, SeaPort™ functionality and user roles.
  • Access Portal - You launch into the automated commerce engine of SeaPort™ to process your requirement online.
  • Examples - This section provides samples of task orders, source selection criteria, and other templates.

Additional documentation includes:

Have questions? Find the answers in the FAQ section .