Paperless revolution branching outside the office

The paperless revolution has helped many offices toss out the stacks of paper and replace them with digital versions. By using a document scanning and management service, businesses are easily stepping into an electronic age, improving organization, productivity and profitability.

However, there are a number of other ways that a paperless culture is spreading. For instance, starting tomorrow the federal government is undergoing a major change and shifting social security, retirement or military benefits over to electronic payments by direct deposit or express debit card. Known as "Go Direct," this change affects hundreds of thousands of people across the United States. While this option has been available for some time, starting tomorrow it will be required.

The largest group that is dealing with this is of a retired age which has traditionally been tech-phobic. There has been some resistance but the convenience and safety of funds being automatically deposited into an account are outweighing the fear of something new.

There are other situations that are not as controversial, like the announcement from Major League Baseball that they have partnered with Apple to make mobile ticketing for baseball games available in half of the stadiums this season. Fans will be able to buy and present an e-ticket in Apple's Passbook app, meaning there is no reason to hold a paper copy. This adds to the growing number of companies that have partnered with the service to make tickets and coupons electronic.

While these steps are more advanced than most companies need, it does go to show that the days of paper are numbered. Businesses that have not yet made the switch should start looking into the best ways to go digital and stay ahead of the competition.


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