Michigan court system adopts new paperless system

Regardless of whether you believe the U.S.'s court system is just or unjust, most everyone agrees that the judicial process is very slow. However, there is a paperless mindset that is setting in over the judicial branch that could help speed things up.

According to a recent article in the Macomb Daily, the Michigan county circuit court has finalized a plan that will implement an electronic filing system and start the ball rolling on an entirely paperless courthouse. The solutions will be put in place over a three year period that with include document scanning and management as well as providing electronic-filing, signature and certification.

The new system will be integrated with Courtview, the court's case management system and public access website provider. According to Chief Judge David Viviano, this is an impressive move to launch the court into the digital age.

"Our vision is to use digital images instead of paper to conduct the court's business, to store our data efficiently and securely, and to conduct business electronically with litigants, attorneys and other units of government," Judge Viviano said to the news source.

Officials said that the new system will save time and money over paper systems. It should be in place by the end of the summer and will include contract and negligence civil cases, juvenile, divorce without minor children and personal protection cases. There are plans to expand it further following the initial rollout.

With the use of a document scanning and management service, any business can take a step towards a digital existence and ensuring that every paper has an electronic form.


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