Document Viewer

Web Document Viewer

  • Ability to view, scan and/or import documents and index them remotely.
  • Uses the OptiDoc Application Integration software to extract data from the Host System Software screen when indexing. This eliminates the manual indexing of documents.
  • Uses extensive document security to assure that documents are retrieved only by users authorized to view the document.
  • Ability to view & tile multiple images.
  • Email, fax or print from the desktop using networked devices and software.
  • Ability to find and display related documents.
  • Search options

    • Doc Type - Invoice, Purchase Order, Packing Slip, etc.
    • Folder - Collection of non specific document types based on Keywords
    • Doc Date - Doc Date, Create Date, Finish Date & Change Date
    • Keywords - Logical Document Index Data. Ex. Customer Number, Vendor Name, etc.
    • Boolean Search criteria - options include: =, not =, >, <, Begins and Contains

The search below illustrates how a user would search for a customer invoice by first selecting the invoice document type from the pull down list and the entering the invoice number.


Web AP Document Scanning

Data contained on your Host System AP entry screen is used to automatically add keywords to the Vendor Invoices. These documents can then be retrieved from the Host System AP Invoice Inquiry screens.


Web HR Document Scanning

By simply selecting the document type from the pull down menu and entering the employee number all data is extracted from your Host System payroll or your HR system and saved along with the employee document. This keyword data is used later to retrieve the individual document or the Employee Folder.