Dentist office goes paperless to attract new customers

When one thinks about a paperless office, a typically business setting is the first company that springs to mind. However, the benefits go far beyond tossing out the stacks of paper and streamlining communication. Any organization, with some creative thinking, can reap the benefits of a paperless environment – even a dentist.

Smiles by Rosie, a new dentist's office that has opened in Somerville, Massachusetts, is doing things a bit differently. In a Somerville Beat article, Dr. Rosie Wagner – the woman behind the new dentist practice – was interviewed about why she decided to make the changes she did.

Her new office is in a building that once housed taxis and ambulances, has cheerfully painted walls that display local art, a special children's room and a Zen corner. She is accepting new patients, and targeting those that have not seen a dentist in some time nor have special needs.

The paperless environment has allowed her staff to become comfortable with other tools like mobile applications. Because of this they are able to send information to patients that may be blind or deaf in a way that is more accessible.

"I learned in my residency service that a lot of dentists don't focus on those types of patients," Wagner said. "Behavior management is a key part of dentistry. No one wants to be here. I wanted those patients to be a part of a comprehensive, flexible office."

Going paperless offers more than just a way to free up some space or share information more easily. In the case of Smiles by Rosie, it is helping more customers have access to a healthy mouth. With some creative thinking and the help of document scanning technology, any businesses can move further into a digital world.


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