Tablets lessen salespeople’s dependence on paper

When a traveling salesperson comes to mind, the image most of us get is a suited individual carrying a large briefcase overflowing with papers. You could also add a large bag that houses a poster board presentation of graphs if you reach way back or a bulky computer bag over one shoulder to be a little more modern. However, tablet devices are making all of those things tools of the past.

When it was released four years ago, the iPad was considered revolutionary, but very few understood how much so. Now nearly every industry has rolled out some form of tablet adoption or application, collectively cutting down on the amount of paper passed around.

According to a recent GigaOM article, the iPad has become the salesperson's best friend. With features like "Instant On" and cellular capabilities, making last minute changes while in the cab ride over is simple. It is also much easier to handle conference room presentations on one-on-one demonstrations.

"A laptop is an ineffective replacement for a catalog, and presenting a slide show on one is awkward," the report reads. "Using an iPad as a presentation tool, on the other hand, is natural. The tablet is easily passed around, can be read like a magazine, and can also output to external displays with less hassle and fewer steps than a laptop."

To get the most out of tablet computers, however, businesses should be sure to convert all of its documents to a digital format. This requires file scanning and document hosting for a true adoption of a paperless office. Without this step, employees can find themselves with even more work as they have to search through both physical and digital documents to find what they are looking for.


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