How enterprise content management saves law firms time

Law firms go through a great deal of paperwork on a regular basis, and it can be difficult for employees to effectively sort out affidavits and debriefs without getting overwhelmed. However, this does not have to be a part of a worker's daily routine with the support of document hosting software.

File folders are designed to separate documents from each other and make information easier to locate, but they're still difficult to navigate if you're looking for specific information. Electronic document management services can sort these files in a more efficient and useful way than folders and even filing cabinets. Search criteria from these programs can help "filter results faster than trying to craft the perfect search string," FindLaw author Karen Clifford wrote.

Oftentimes, associates are trying to track paperwork down from memory, which could possibly fail because even the brightest minds can only retain so much information at once. However, enterprise content management is dedicated to organize and tag these files for businesses.

Just like a search function on many e-commerce websites, records can searched using specific terms, dates or file types. Document profiling can also help lawyers sift through emails that contain information pertinent to specific cases and agreements. This highly organized program can be applied to an attorney's email as well.

Emails, similar to paperwork, enters inboxes day in and day out. A majority of messages are related to the lawyer's workflow and there is a way to manage it better than dumping them in designated folders.

Relocating these points of communication could handicap fellow lawyers who are working on similar cases, according to the Law Gazette. Instead, document management programs with email modules can fix this issue and greatly increase productivity with the metadata tags and search capabilities. Too many times, personnel find themselves panicking over "lost" records that are right under their nose.


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