Philadelphia school going completely paperless

The one thing that would seem like a staple of the educational field would be the need for paper. From written assignments to tests to information sent home to keep parents informed, physical copies have always had a purpose. However, some school districts are tossing it all out to go paperless.

According to a recent NBC 10 Philadelphia report, the Jenkintown School District has fully embraced the cloud and gone completely digital both in the classroom and at home.

They have created a "Parent Portal," which allows parents to handle a number of different tasks. They are able to keep track of their child's grades in real-time, sign up for specific times for teacher conferences, find copies of every letter and announcement that would normally be sent home with students and have access to the school calendar. Administrators are also active on Twitter and Facebook with information about the upcoming events.

This technology is also being used in the classroom as part of the curriculum. By using Google Drive, students are able to easily work on papers and projects while at school and then continue the work at home.

"We're using it for everything from peer editing and reviewing of essays to science experiments, writing up your science report," Jim Cummins, the district's Director of Technology, told the news source. "A lot of teachers are actually grading, within the container of Google Apps so there's no paper. They're trying to go as paperless as possible."

To make sure the solution remains as paperless as possible, the school system should partner with a document scanning and management service to convert every past document into a digital form.


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