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2001.12.28 - SeaPort Release 19 Now Available

Several exciting changes have been made to SeaPort that are now available with SeaPort release 19. These changes are as follows:

  • Auction Services
    • Bidders will be able to view a summary of their proposed recurring costs, the task bid savings, and their contractually guaranteed savings (for converting from cost type to firm fixed price line items).
  • Contact Information
    • Pop-up window replaces most contact information in the PR, solicitation, task order screens
    • Final solicitation & task order PDFs use up-to-date contact information at the time of solicitation release or task order execution
    • BuySite and SeaPort profile entries are now editable together on a convenient User Profile page that works similarly for all users
  • Document Library
    • Help bubbles are available for various filters
    • "Suspended" column shows items which have been suspended by the PCO
    • The next upcoming option expire date is shown
  • DD350
    • Generated upon task order or modification execution
    • E-mailed once-a-week to DD350 administrator
  • E-mail
    • The system composes e-mail from revised boilerplates
    • The system keeps records of the messages it sends
    • In award determination, e-mail to contractors is sent the EPOC, rather than to whomever put in the bid
  • Guaranteed Savings
    • The PR Wizard prompts for a non-conversion justification is no guaranteed savings are selected
    • The justification can be changed later in the PR process
  • Field Activity Usage
    • Originating activity of a purchase request
    • Field activity user registration & approval
    • Field activity document library filter
    • "SEA02" now known as "1102"
  • Menu Usability
    • "Document Library" and "New Purchase Request" are directly on the menu bar instead of having to click through the menu bar to access them.
  • New User Registration
    • User approver receives a copy of approval emails.
    • Duplicate applicant e-mail addresses are flagged for administrators.
    • Users and approvers no longer have to choose a BuySite buying organization.
  • Performance-based Task Orders
    • Users will have the ability to designate a task order as performance-based
    • Allows for subsequent reporting on achievement of performance-based task order goals
  • Practice Procurement Requests (PRs)
    • Users can enter practice PRs that expire in seven days
    • Practice PRs can be turned into "real" PRs
  • Pricing Enhancements
    • CLIN pricing wizard
    • Award term SLINs
    • Option expiration date shown
    • Incremental funding accepted
    • Cents on dollar amounts
    • Fractional quantities
    • "Total price" removed from cost-type option SLINs
    • "Estimated cost" and "Total price" no longer distinguished as separate entities on ODCs
    • Dollar amounts shown with commas
    • Printable solicitation pricing
  • Portal Home Page
    • The portal homepage now links to the SeaPort web site for up-to-date news
  • Reports
    • Procurement summary report
    • Timestamp report
  • Routing Rules
    • A user can only route what's in his/her own mailbox
    • A PCO can route anything, even if it's in someone else's mailbox
    • A user can route items to himself/herself.
  • Section B (Supply-and-Services)
    • Moved from Requirements screen into a pop-up window
    • Pop-up window allows for faster page loading
  • Suspension of PRs, Solicitations, and Task Orders
    • Contracting officers can suspend PRs, solicitations, and task orders if a situation arises which causes a long delay in the development of a PR, solicitation, or task order award
    • Suspended PRs, solicitations, and task orders are not measured in reports
  • Task Order Savings Indicators (TOSI)
    • Task order managers will be able record savings achieved for each year of the task order period of performance
    • Where possible the system shall pre-populate the TOSI data
    • Conversion Savings, Volume Discount Savings, Pass-Thru Savings, GSA FISC Savings, CPC (Current Price vs. Competitive) Savings, and Other Savings will be captured
  • User Deactivation
    • Administrators can now disable user accounts